Welcome to East Coast Observers, Inc.

East Coast Observers is a full service marine conservation company dedicated to providing professional and expert services in the marine construction and dredging industries. East Coast Observers was founded in May 2005 by Patricia "Trish" Bargo, who became a marine endangered species observer in 1999 and has worked with sea turtle agencies from Louisiana to Virginia since 1995. As a military veteran, Trish maintains a strong work ethic and is dedicated to her mission: providing professional, knowledgeable and friendly observer services and sea turtle relocation trawling to dredging and marine construction companies as well as federal and state agencies. Started by and for marine endangered species observers, Trish spends most of her time at sea but when at home she stays busy as a Category II Wildlife Rehabilitator / Rescuer.


• Marine Endangered Species Observers
• Sea Turtle Relocation / Sweep Trawling
• Marine Mammal Monitoring
• Migratory / Shorebird Monitoring
• Manatee Monitoring
• Native / Endangered Flora / Fauna Monitoring
• Sea turtle Nest Monitoring